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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are You On Target?

29 August 2010

Brand Stand


In this fortnight's newsletter I'm writing on target....your target market, that is. This is the first step I take in helping business owners with their sales and marketing plans. Why? Without a goal, it's hard to score.

Your Brand

How can you identify your target market? Here's a list of questions to get you started:
  • Who has a problem your product or service can solve?
  • Do they know they have a problem?
  • If so, can you let them know how you can solve it?
  • If not, can you respectfully let them know they've got a problem?
  • Do they need to solve their problem NOW?
  • How can you solve their problem NOW?
  • Do they have a history of paying for your product or service?
  • What do they look like?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where would they like to live?
  • Where do they buy? On-line, in person, at a trade fair or over coffee?
  • How can you reach them easily and effectively in the place they'll be most responsive
As with any marketing mining, the better your questions the better your answers. Keep asking yourself these questions. Add to them if you like. Get to know who your clients are. They'll thank you by giving you their business.

Let me know how you go.

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Your People

We've talked about your ideal client. In this section, it's time to address your most important one.
Sometimes you might feel like your clients, colleagues, partner, family, and employees are all relying on you to be there for them.
Here's the paradox.
If you're not looking after yourself - if you're not being your best client - then you won't be theirs.
Take a moment at the beginning of each day to remember why you're doing what you're doing, and who you're doing it for. Be true to yourself and those around you. They'll thank you.

Your Event

This fortnight's featured act are the fabulous Firecrackers.

Firecrackers are a stunning line up of acts from one of Corporate Entertainment's brightest duos. They've performed everywhere from the Sydney Olympics to the Royal Easter Show and countless international overseas festivals. The Firecracker acts include the luminescent Baroques, hilarious Style Police and striking White Raining Men .

Find out more about Firecrackers

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To Your Success
Michael Neaylon

Author of the forthcoming book 'Marketing Makeovers: How to Bring in Big Dollars for Your Small Business.'

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life Of A Salesman

You might've heard of Arthur Miller's play, 'Death Of A Salesman.' In this iconic American drama the lead character Willy Loman, a travelling salesman, never grows up. That's the tragedy of the play. He never truly knows himself because he's forever wanting to be liked. In trying to be all things for all people, he ends up being nothing to no one.

To consistently win sales - and to make your sales matter - you might just need to be the opposite of Willy Loman. Get to know yourself so well that you don't fall into the roles others cast you in. Or equally sabotaging, the roles you unconsciously slip into.

Roles like these:

  • Sleazy creep
  • The sneak
  • Perky pushover
  • The cheesy charmer
  • Super-duper-bend-over-backwards-but-really-giving-you-nothing-just-sign-here-it-will-all-be-ok-saleswoman-guy-whatever

These are just are few of the roles you can easily find yourself playing. And there are many, many more variations on these roles that we don't even know we're buying into. Are you choosing the roles you play?

Try this tomorrow. Get in front of  a mirror first thing in the morning and remind yourself what you truly have to offer and who you're going to be today. Remind yourself throughout the day.  Sell yourself to you. Believe in what you see and hear. It might feel odd at first, but I guarantee you, it works.

Then do me a favour and email me your results.

To Your Success 
Michael Neaylon

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

All The World's A Stage

'All the World's a Stage' 
Jacques, As You Like It
by William Shakespeare

In a flash of inspiration I wrote the introduction for the book this morning....

I come from an acting background, and now realise it’s one of the best you can have for branding, sales and marketing. The entertainment industry teaches you how to gain attention and capture people’s imagination. You learn how to tell stories. I often see in life and business, how stories connect people to products, services and brands far more than data. People buy the story you tell them. 

I advocate authenticity and therefore believe in telling people stories that not only lead to profit, also come from truth.

In the world of performance you also learn how to take people on a journey and give them an experience. Much of the power of a brand lies in giving your clients consistently engaging experiences. Even if that’s as simple – and profitable – as well designed after sales service. As for the journey, well, that starts from the moment your clients see an ad to when they come across your website or pay their invoice. It even goes beyond that, to the moment your client decides to buy from you again. And again and again. Just like the sales cycle, it’s continuous.

One of the biggest lessons I learnt as an actor, I repeatedly learn in business. Reaching your audience is not about you. It’s not about what you think or feel; it’s about what your audience does. As an actor it can be easy to indulge in your own emotions and get caught up in navel gazing that disconnects you from your audience. In fact, it often does the opposite: alienates them. The same goes for your brand, marketing, even your sales. Rather than telling them how good you are, focus on the features, benefits and advantages you’re giving your clients. Otherwise, as Shakespeare says, ‘it’s a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’

Research your audience. Give them a meaningful experience. No matter how small or simple, make it resonate for them.

Before we launch into the body of the book with practical, creative and often inexpensive ways to bring in big dollars for your small business, I’ll remind you to think of the link between branding, marketing and sales like this: branding is the story you tell to create an experience for your audience. Marketing is the messenger delivering your story (your show collateral: posters, flyers, promo products), and sales, well, they’re show time. 

To quote Shakespeare once more, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’ I challenge you - as I do myself - to be a player who makes a difference.  

Thanks for reading 
Michael Neaylon

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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Act of Sales

'Former shoe salesman now making a go at film and theater. Wish me luck...'

Kevin Spacey's Twitter Profile 

Writing the book I’ve been looking at the link between branding, marketing and sales; how they all relate to each other. 

My research is reinforcing that branding is essentially the story to tell to create an experience for your audience. Marketing is the messenger delivering your story, and sales, well, that's show time.

Many actors make great salespeople; they often excel because they’re hungry to win the scene: the sale. It’s what they’re trained to do, where their instincts lead them.

Perhaps you could approach your next sale the way a skilled actor treats a scene; with intelligence, energy and enthusiasm...and these pointers

  • Research your part- and your counterpart
  • Know your objective: what are you fighting for?
  • Prepare your script
  • Let go of your script
  • Start general. End specific
  • Open with confidence: you can’t go past a genuine opening line, nor can you go past one that’s genuinely humorous
  • Play this scene, with this person, in this moment
  • Be as real as you can
  • Be in the moment
  • Know the obstacles
  • Overcome them (maybe they’re internal e.g. yours)
  • Remember your outcome
  • Let go of your outcome
  • Be prepared to change your tactics - and your script
  • Put your focus on them and what you want them to think, feel, and ultimately, do
  • Are you in the moment?
  • Listen. Really listen
  • Think. Really think
  • Are you really in the moment?
  • Stay in the moment
  • Keep listening
  • Respect your audience
  • Celebrate your wins
  • If you don’t win, don’t beat yourself up
  • Take good notes and learn for next time
  • Discover what worked, what didn’t, and why
  • End scene

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Thanks for reading 
Michael Neaylon

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Permission To Shine

Brand Stand

I've been fortunate to see and share the stage with some inspiring speakers over the last couple of weeks. If you're not giving yourself permission to shine, I hope some of their words serve as gentle reminders. Some words are mine too. I'll let you work out which.

Your Brand

  • You ARE your brand. People are finding about you online more than ever before. That's not changing anytime soon. What's your online positioning?

  • Knowledge without action is like a shiny new car without a motor. Stuck. What important action do you commit to taking today?

  • Plan.Take action. Evaluate. Change course. Take action again. In other words, strategy is what you do.

  • Don't just have enthusiasm. Burst with it! It takes more energy to hold an emotion back than it does to let it out. Give the world your intelligent enthusiasm (passion, chutzpah, courage).

  • In your own business marketing and innovation are everything.The rest are details.

  • Making a decision isn't taking action.

  • Are you being your own best client? If you're not, then how can you be the best for your own clients, family, partner or colleagues? It's okay to look after yourself. In fact, you owe it to those around you.

Your People

Last week it was great to see our clients at Financial Services Partners speak with relaxed authority and presence. I have no doubt that their clients will be taking action as a result. I always find it rewarding seeing speakers we've worked with take the stage and give themselves permission to shine.

Tanya Carlson and Anthony Lyon both did that. The entire night was a success, and it's good to work with a team of finance professionals with their integrity, insight and ability to make financial planning accessible. Find out more at

I'm also getting a lot of satisfaction coaching wholesalers with their sales and marketing in the lead up to the gift fairs in Melbourne next week.

Gill from Zizzi Designs has been getting tremendous on road success with her range of boudoir slippers and is well positioned for her first fair - deservedly so. Find out

Antigone Radunovich will be exhibiting at Life InStyle with her unique brand, House of Antigone (pictured). Antigone's portraits and furnishings reflect her keen visual eye that is both distinctive and savvy. For more:

Please visit these pages if you'd like to know more about how we can support your Sales and Marketing or Presentation Skills to boost the bottom line for your business.

If you're at the Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne join Corban & Blair, Stem, Arlington Milne and Buboo and myself as we uncover the Perfect Match

Your Event

MCME had a great showing at the RSVP Event Talks. Seeing everyone's skills up there reminded me how pivotal the role of an MC is in the smooth running of an event. Thanks to everyone involved for being so entertaining and such good support for the other speakers.

One of our MCs on this event was the gorgeous Emma Brennan.

Warm, vivacious, funny and talented; despite having a great passion for the serious art of Opera, Emma is equally comfortable with the Victoria Wood approach to music; this girl can be seriously funny. Emma's performed on many Corporate and Special Events such as the UK Guinness Premiership and the City Christmas celebrations.

Find out more about Emma here

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Thanks for reading Michael Neaylon

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