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Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You Committed?

Every week I mentor Alex, a sixteen year old with Aspergers. Despite people with Aspergers often seen as lacking social empathy and highly resistant to change, Alex has made huge progress in the last nine months. Once extremely rigid, he's now learnt to adapt to last minute changes. He doesn't always like the change, but he adapts.

He used to give me a barrage of complex life questions every time we'd meet. He now answers many of his own. He used to ask how much he could spend, if I could buy McDonalds or if we could have lunch at the Hilton?

Alex now knows the word budget, and together we work out how much he'll spend each week. It's a highly satisfying and rewarding experience.

This week Alex asked me what the word commitment means. I wanted to keep it simple without patronising him so I said, 'It's a contract you make, it's being your word.' He looked at me, blankly. Going well so far, I thought. So I said, ‘Commitment means that no matter how hard something gets, you'll see it through and do your best.' Alex smiled. He got it.

Recenlty I've realised how crucial commitment is to the success of your business, making that next sales call or anything you care deeply about for that matter. It's an act, it's something you do Not just something you say to yourself such as 'Okay I'm committed now. What's next?' You have to keep committing.

We all have setbacks and last minute changes to overcome and adapt to. They're inevitable. But where you make real ground is in the recovery, because there lays the greatest opportunity for growth. Not just personal, but also financial. I'm sure you've set goals this year. I hope they're big, hairy audacious goals (or BHAGS as Jim Collins calls them in the business classic, Good to Great.) But more than that, I hope you're committed to them, know why they matter to you and back them with specific actions and deadlines.

Remember, you make the commitment. It doesn't make you.

To your business success
Michael Neaylon
Author of the forthcoming book, 'Marketing Makeovers: How to Bring in Big Money for Your Small Business.'

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