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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sales: It's a Process

An excerpt from the book in our fortnightly newsletter: 

Brand Stand

Hi, and welcome to the fortnightly newsletter dedicated to making your brand, your people and your event a success. In this edition, a new section from the book, earlybird offer extended on the Sales Smarts Boot Camp, and this fortnight's featured MC.

Your Brand

Here's a fresh preview from a chapter of 'True Brand Toolkit: How To Bring In Big Money For Your Small Business,' and yes, that cover mock-up means the book is coming very, very soon. 

Sales Support

Sales support gives you and your client the tools to make the sales process easy. The easier and more convenient it is for someone to buy from you, the more likely they'll be to buy. If you were working in a medium to large business, you could have an entire sales support team to give you brochures on call and admin support. In your business, that might be up to just you, a couple of admin support staff, a freelancer, or a combination of the three. Sales support varies from business to business, but here are the must-haves for face-to-face sales:

The basics
  • notepad and pen
  • calculator if you don't have one on your phone - even if you do, they're tricky to use
  • brochures, books, and business cards
  • brochure with images of your current offerings and prices
  • business card with up-to-date contact information and your website address: make sure it gives a clear indication of what you do or offer as *people see many business cards go through their hands
  • DL postcards that include your short brand story and high impact images
  • A clearly laid out order form makes it clear and easy for your client to buy. Include:
  • bank and payment details
  • payment terms that are clear without scaring people off all contact details
  • business registrations
  • minimum order value if a wholesale product
  • minimum reorder value
  • if you're selling a service, consider printing an order form on yellow paper to catch people's eye, especially if it's included in with other paper. *Yellow is an energetic colour that stands out.
  • samples of products to show and possibly leave with your prospects - budget these in when you produce your products, but don't feel you always to have give free samples
  • if you sell a service, a portfolio with easy-to-read testimonials
  • DVDs, mini CD-Roms (and USB sticks if you want to be extra impressive) are good for large files - they can sometimes double as a brochure. They're good if they can be a physical reminder of you and your business.
  • before, during and after shots are excellent for telling the story of how you work from the beginning of the project to the final solution.
All of your sales processes, systems, tools and conversations are about telling a compelling, consistent story that make it compelling and easy for your client to buy from you.

Your People

Happy to announce we're extending the earlybird offer for Sales Smarts Boot Camp at Crows Nest on Monday May 2nd. 

I've booked a larger venue for this Boot Camp because the interactive nature of a sales workshop is more effective with more people.

You'll be actively working on your sales technique in groups and pairs to get a thorough sales workout. By putting theory into practice straight away, you'll be even more confident with your leads and prospects, and win even more sales.

But the room does have a limit of 20, and we're almost half booked, so please book early to take advantage of this excellent earlybird offer.

What others have said about Boot Camp

'Thanks so much for helping me stay focused on my sales goals. I love your energy and enthusiasm.' - Sarah, Marriott, Weanmeister

'Thanks so much for the workshop on Monday! It's made a huge difference already...The workshop highlighted what's missing in my business and what I'm risking by not focusing on those things. - Annie Vaughan, Management to Leadership

Numbers are strictly limited. Please book early.

If you'd like to find out how I tripled our sales last year and recently bought in over $100,000 worth of business for a small business client, this workshop is for you.

Your Event

This fortnight's featured MC is versatile performer Charles Anthony.

Charles Anthony is one of the most sought after performers in corporate entertainment in Australia and the U.S. He brings together his talents and experience as an actor, master of ceremonies, dancer, singer, mime, voiceover artist, physical comedian and writer to create memorable and exciting characters for each project.

Find out more about Charles Anthony

To Your Great Success
Michael Neaylon 

Author of the forthcoming book 'True Brand Toolkit: How to Bring in Big Money For Your Small Business.'

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