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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brand Stand: Speaking, Sales and Style

Welcome to this edition of Brand Stand.

In this issue we get sales lessons from a personal trainer, offer a limited program to increase the impact of your speaking opportunities, offer more 'secrets of successful marketing' and meet radiant stylist Trish Murray.

Your Brand

Sam’s a trainer at my gym. A friendly bloke, he often smiles, says hello, sometimes gives me a friendly dig if I’m looking a little slow on the cross-trainer or says ‘nice to have you back,’ if I miss a morning (must confess, I get to the gym regularly).
But this week Sam started up a conversation.
He asked how training was going with Anthony, another trainer I’d taken a trial triple pack with on one of the gym’s promotions. Being a little wary of being sold to I said, ‘Yeah good. He’s training down the park now I believe.’

Sam didn’t press or push. He simply asked a few questions about what do I do.
‘Good time to be in marketing,’ he said, ‘help people get their business in gear now as things take an upturn I reckon.’ So I asked Sam how business was for him. ‘Going great guns,’ he said. He’s often training regular clients so I knew there was truth in what he was saying.

Why am I telling you this? Because sometimes we make sales harder than they need to be. And yes, I’ve done this myself.

We can't be too relaxed or over familiar with sales either. Sales are not just a conversation. They’re a conversation with a goal in mind, a process of discovery to see if business can and will eventuate.

Here’s what Sam did, just in case you missed it.

He recognised a likely buyer:  someone who’s invested in training before is much more likely to buy than someone who hasn’t.

Spotted an opportunity: The potential buyer is now without a trainer.

Built rapport: In this case, genuine interactions over time, gentle jibes and spurring a prospect on. 

Used good timing: started a conversation when genuine rapport was built. 


Made positive statements about both our businesses. Sam also let me know he was busy, and just like the restaurant that’s full we’re much more likely to buy from someone who’s in demand.

Listened some more.

Asked qualifying questions checking to see if I was still working with a trainer. 

Listened even harder.

Gave an invitation by giving his card, giving me space to find out more In short, Sam worked on building a relationship. In service industries or professions where big ticket items are sold, relationship marketing - and selling - are vital.

Your People

Colleague Phil Preston and I are holding a pilot program on presentability

This is not just another presentation skills course. What makes this program unique is our focus on supporting you in being on brand for your business, on message for your audience and increasing the impact of your speaking opportunities.

Phil and I bring a unique combination of skills to the design and delivery of the course. Phil is a presenter, analyst and consultant working in organisational change in leading corporations. I've performed and presented for over twenty five years, given tailored presentation skills training to Steensen VarmingRTA, and the RSPCA and personally coach clients on their presentations.

Together we've created presentability to give you and your business more personal and organisational impact.

When: Tuesday March 6.

Where: Cambridge Hotel, Surry Hills

How Much: We're offering a one time introductory rate of $97 per person including lunch, refreshments, tailored training and training material (normally $800).

How Many: Numbers are limited to give quality training. We have professionals from five leading organisations attending, including World Vision, Habitat, YWCA NSW and Choice, and therefore...

We have four spaces available.  

Book by Monday February 27 to reserve your place.

To find out more about getting the most from your speaking opportunities click here.

Secrets of Successful Marketing 

Following 'Secrets of Successful Marketing' at Business Enterprise Centre in Paramatta, I'm happy to give another of these on March 14 in Sydney CBD.

The workshops are sponsored by BEC, so you receive three hours of training for $75.
An ideal workshop for those of you new to your business or looking for cost-effective, high impact marketing strategies to hone, maximise or kick start  your marketing.

Your Event

This fortnight’s featured MC is stylist and founder of YUMMYMUMMYINC,
Trish Murray.

Trish is an inspiring entrepreneur, mother of two and developer of the national award winning YUMMYMUMMYINC, which is now a staple label in every yummy mummy’s wardrobe.

Trish is a regular presenter and styilst for Westfield and has recently been a judge in Who Weekly's 'Who Got It Right?' feature. See the feature. Click here.

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P: +61 2 9331 8135

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