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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where's Your Trust?

A potential new client asked me to look at their website recently.

They're in professional services and look like they have a lot to offer in the counseling realm, except for their trust.

The have the word there. They have a very nice stock image of the word in fact, but that's not enough.  

What I'm looking for is how they build my trust.
Why should I trust them?
What evidence is there in their approach, methodology or results with their clients?
How do they counsel me or my loved ones?

Of course, when I say me, I'm not just thinking of myself. I'm thinking about all the visitors that come to that site, sitting there asking themselves those very same questions, and more.

Before you plan to build, rebrand or reconfigure your website, it never hurts to ask yourself the same questions your visitors ask and then look at ways to give them an experience, report, testimonials, evidence of what they;re looking for.

Give them more than a word. Give them compelling reasons to pick up the phone, write you an email, place an order and choose to place their trust in you.


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